Analytics that feels like a compass to boost your eCommerce sales

Spreaad helps business to reach the right person at the right time with the right message, increasing the chances to convert up to 5X.

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Observe your visitors´ behavior through Spreaad

Observe your visitors´ behavior through Spreaad

Be aware of the whole process which starts when the visitor makes its first visit until the conversion visit occurs. 


Gained information:


- Exact visit number.

- Goals likely to convert.

- Origins (News, Campaigns, References, Other). 

- Searches made on search engines (if applies).

Build Granular segments

Build Granular segments


You will be able to target audiences based on visitors-data like:


Intent: Genuine interest in products.

Content - Campaigns that engage your audience the most.

Lifecycle - the purchasing stage of each visitor.

Identity - Recognize your user through devices.

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Powerfull visitors-Data easy to setup

Customize all your features, the only requirement is copying and pasting small code. (No code skills required)


Set goals on pages, buttons, revenue, product view, and every you want to meassure.


Observe the exactly location of your visitors and cross it with your campaigns.


Watch where do they come from or what search they made to reach you.


Set revenue goals and watch how is it growing


Watch where is your visitor going after visiting your site.


Compare the real income of each marketing effort.

Launching marketing

Launching marketing

Finally with the behavior segments made you are ready to launch power targeted-ads with the highest performance & engage.


You can push these segments to Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, and more.


Start delivering personalized experiences to your customers now.

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Make your data worth with Spreaad

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