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acquisition journeys

for growth teams.

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Essential to track

growth strategies

  • Spreadsheets aren’t suitable solution for manage acquisition efforts.
  • Product Analytics use to track handmade funnels to report conversions.

Spreaad was designed to manage and track all acquisition efforts reporting to you best conversion paths to grow faster.

The most advanced analytics tool


conversion journeys

Spreaad reveals visitor lifecycle from day one to conversion giving you access to observe:

  • Sequence – User journey trying to reach the goal.
  • Attribution – Campaign drivings best results.
  • Origins – Channels that perform better acquiring.

Get rid of

bottleneck journeys

Be able to observe the exact section where people are dropping out inside each bottleneck page. 

Also observe: 

  • Intention before leaving.
  • Visitors Origin/Destination.
  • & Conversion attribution.


acquisition experiments

Set new experiment by effort type and expected goal to track easily, just by following next steps:

  • Set expected conversions & goals.
  • Set amount to spend.
  • Share auto-generated tracker links.
Instantly Spreaad reports to you everything around his performance.
Loops experimentation - Spreaad

No code skills required.

Customize all your triggers, the only requirement is copying and pasting a small snippet.


Set goals on pages, buttons, revenue, product or everything you want to measure.


Observe the exact location of your visitors to track results.


Observe where your audience come from or how did they reach you.


Set revenue goals and watch how is it growing period after period.


Watch where visitors are going after visiting your site.


Compare the real income of each acquisition effort you made.

Let's grow

the right way

All Spreaad info helps you to improve your acquisition flows with best keywords to promote, pages to optimize and channels to advertisemanaging all acquisition experiments in the road.

Welcome to the new analytical era and …

... Make Your Data Worth with Spreaad

We are in closed beta! If you want access to this pilot please apply bellow.