Get rid of flow bottlenecks and sell more

Get rid of flow bottlenecks and sell more

For Startups, SMEs, and Product Owners!

Spreaad - Get rid of flow bottlenecks and sell more | Product Hunt


Be able to watch the exact section where people are dropping out.


Also, observe:

+ Intention before leaving
+ Page Legibility
+ Page Attribution

Discover real flows

Discover real flows

Observe origins, exits, and daily activities from day one to conversion.


Intent: Genuine interest in products.

Content - Campaigns that engage your audience the most.

Lifecycle - the purchasing stage of each visitor.

Identity - Recognize your user through devices.

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Powerful visitors-Data easy to set up

Customize all your features, the only requirement is copying and pasting small code. (No code skills required)


Set goals on pages, buttons, revenue, product view, and every you want to measure.


Observe the exact location of your visitors and cross it with your campaigns.


Watch where they come from or what search they made to reach you.


Set revenue goals and watch how is it growing


Watch where your visitor is going after visiting your site.


Compare the real income of each marketing effort.

Business Insights

Business Insights

It's an overview to improve your website with data like best keywords to promote, best URL to drive traffic, best channels to advertise, and CR overview to feedback your growth every month.

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Make your data worth with Spreaad

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